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Play Regular Matches To Improve Your Game

(Competition Tennis is a Team Sport)

Tennis Gold Coast offers players of all abilities the vital ingredient to improve and practice their game through regular matches in Thursday Nights & Saturday Afternoon Competitions. If you’re wanting to put your Coaching Lessons in to practice and prepare for your next Tournament – there is no better recipe than playing local regular matches (suitable for your standard).

Proof of Champions using TGC Competitions to saw to new heights in the Tennis World.

Geoff Masters – Former Australian Tennis Player, career-high ranking was world no. 14

1.Competition is about seeing how our game stands up under a little stress

2.Fixtures competition has the added “stress/enjoyment” of playing for your team, not just yourself.

3.Playing fixtures allows you to compete with your peers of a similar standard, thus comparing your progress with your peers.

4.Committing to regular participation in a fixture team helps create the self discipline needed for success in any endeavour.

5.Playing fixtures gives you varied opposition just about every week, so important for your overall long term development.

6.Knowing that you have a scheduled season ahead allows a player to plan his/her preparation in a structured way. That is, which days to set aside for specific training methodologies.

Finally, it’s healthy, and lots of fun!!

Kimberly Birrell – Current WTA Player
Saturday Afternoon Fixtures is a great opportunity for young players to join a club team and compete in a safe environment as you continue to develop your game through many years to come as a player.
When I look back now, fixtures gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice the key points that I was working on throughout the week in training. I always played with a friend and we had a lot of FUN.

  • About TGC

    Tennis Gold Coast coordinates Inter-Club Competitions (Leagues), Tournaments, Shield Days, Inter-School Challenges and an Annual Awards Night for Tennis on the Gold Coast. Tennis Gold Coast holds the lease of the Queens Park Tennis Centre, 19 Queen St, Southport. Managers are appointed to run the Tennis Program / Court Hire at Queens Park Tennis Centre.

    The Gold Coast Tennis Community is very proud of our present “Gold Coast Bred” Tennis Champions in Samantha Stosur and Bernard Tomic. Both Sam & Bernard have cut their teeth and have played in many Tennis Gold Coast tournaments throughout their junior years.